I have worked in the beauty industry since 2005 and am passionate about skincare and beauty. Education is so important to me for, development and growth of knowledge for myself and others I train. I love to see new trends within the industry especially the wave of wellness conscious therapists and clients who see the meaning of beauty as a much larger subject than just superficial appearance. It is a lifestyle choice to make daily decisions that have an impact on the individual’s life directly and those around them. Massage, meditation fitness and holistic therapies are my absolute passion.


I have had many roles with various brands including being a beauty therapist within high end spa and hotels, spa and account management, owning my own business as well as many years in training.


I am always excited to see how industry pushes the boundaries with research and development, products and treatments. Also is very passionate about ethical, sustainable, conscious beauty and wellness is exactly in line with my own beliefs.