Accredited Swedish massage course

Massage is such a special skill, which enables the therapist to offer such balance and wellbeing to the receiver. It assists the body to heal internally and externally. Application of different verbal and massage techniques will enable the therapist to tailor the massage to the client’s needs and wants, whilst also ensuring safe practise.

The course will cover all basic anatomy and physiology the therapist will need to carry out an effective treatment for their client. Different body systems will be covered, allowing the therapist to understand what affect, benefits and impact massage can have on another person and how touch is such a powerful tool to be able to offer others.

While on the course you will also experience and explore the different massage mediums available to use on your clients. These will include oil, cream, waxes and balms. You will learn about their different benefits and which medium would be suitable for different clients and why.

It is also very important that the therapist experiences the treatment their self and is open to constructive criticism from fellow students and the educator. The only way we learn to improve our techniques in massage is through this feedback as we cannot perform the treatment on ourselves.

A thorough and full consultation will be taught as this is imperative to giving the best treatment for your client and allowing the client to inform the therapist of any possible contra-indications they may have for treatment adaption or referral to take place.

You will be taught a basic standard massage routine, which can then be tailored to your future clients. However, there are many massage techniques; as a therapist you are always learning and will continue to grow your ‘tool box’ of knowledge and massage movements through time.

You will be shown how to work safely in a work space and how to set up a treatment room; clean and reset it with hygiene, client comfort and ambience being some of the key focus points.

Throughout the course you will be given support by your educator to learn and grow your skills in massage, you will always have support in the future should you have any questions or queries.

Being able to care for someone, helping them relax their body and mind and doing something very special for them which can heal on so many levels is amazing and we look forward to welcoming you to the academy.


Expectations and content:

  • 6 face to face days (dates set by training academy)

  • 7 hours minimum home study theory revision

  • 6 case studies minimum practical home study

Course content:

  • History of Swedish massage

  • Benefits of Swedish massage

  • Contra-Indications

  • Skin disorders and diseases

  • Contra-Actions

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Consultations and patch testing

  • Health and Safety

  • Hygiene

  • Equipment list

  • Product knowledge

  • Preparation of treatment room

  • Aftercare

  • Step by step procedure

  •  Underpinning knowledge test